Our Adoption Process


Thank you for thinking about adopting a farm animal!

Adopting a farm animal is an important decision which should not be made in haste. Our staff is committed to assisting you in choosing the right farm animal, taking into consideration your lifestyle, your current residence, and species experience.

Adoption Requirements:

  • We take into consideration your financial ability to make a lifelong commitment to your adoptable farm animal.

  • Your ability to provide an appropriate living environment.

  • All male and female (when possible) animals  will be castrated or spayed. Female equine shall not be bred, or kept at a farm or boarding barn where intact males are kept.

Cost of Adoption:

  • Farm or Boarding Barn Check - We ask for a $25 fee at the time of this check. This fee helps us offset the cost of gas for us to visit your farm or boarding barn.

  • Adoption Fee - Each farm animal is individually assessed and given an adoption fee. The adoption fee is based on species, age, training and usefulness.


Adoption Steps:

  • First, fill out our adoption application by clicking on the button below. These questions are designed to assist our staff in helping you choose the best fit for your family.

  • We will contact you after we have received your adoption application for a phone interview.

  • During the phone interview a time will be set for you to come meet any possible adoptable animals.

  • After an adoptable animal has been matched with you, a time will be set up for a check of the farm or boarding barn you will be keeping your animal at.

  • At the time of the farm or boarding barn check, we ask for a $25 fee. Again, this fee is to help offset the cost of gas to visit your farm or boarding facility.

  • Once your farm or boarding barn has been approved, we will arrange a time to complete the adoption contract and pick up for your adopted animal. We encourage you to arrange transport for your adoptable animal to your farm or boarding barn. However, we can provide transport for a minimum fee of $75 and an additional $3 per mile after the first 25 miles.


Our goal at Hooves & Feathers, Farm Animal Humane Society is to find “forever” homes for all our adoptable animals! If you have any questions concerning adoptable animals or our adoption policies, please contact us at (865) 742-2047 or email info@hoovesandfeathers.org.